Location: Doha, Qatar
Area: 398,000 ft²
Associate Architect: Cortina & Käll / Parque Humano Arquitectos
Executive Architect: Langdon Wilson International
Interior Design: Legorreta+Legorreta/ Parque Humano Arquitectos
Landscape Design: Carter Romanek Landscape Architects, Inc.
Year: 2011

This is a project that will provide a home away from home for all Education City students. It should provide a vibrant environment promoting social and cultural interaction. This multifunctional building will offer diverse services to students in areas such as student health care, student counseling services, financial aid and housing, as well as recreational spaces and ambitious integral complementary programs such as culture and sports. The main purpose of this urban node is to provide a familiar and relaxing environment where the students will be working together with people from all over the world.

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