Location: San Luis Potosí, México
Area: 96,800 Sqft.
Client: Papalote Children’s Museum
Interior Design: Legorreta + Legorreta
Landscape: Luis Zárate / Saúl Alcántara / Alejandro de Ávila
Exhibitions and Museography: Papalote Children’s Museum
Year: 2008
1° Congruency in Accesibility. Award Obras Cemex XVIII 2009
2° Institucional Design Building. Award Obras Cemex XVIII 2009

A museum should represent the character of the region where it is located. For the Labyrinth we were inspired by the old haciendas of San Luis Potosi and created a central patio with labyrinth designs based on the organ pipe cacti of the desert. The stones used both for the floors and the façade are local and the design of the garden responds to the desert climate of the region.

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